About the Company

The largest sunflower oil manufacturer in Germany

EXGSP GmBH is one of the well-known edible oil suppliers in Germany and abroad.

Since the launching, our company desired to expand its production capacity. Nowadays, we have the full production chain to manufacture high-quality plant oil. Our goal was to become the leading sunflower oil producer in Germany. For now, our products are well-recognized and can be bought not only in Germany but also worldwide.

Our top priority is healthy, high-quality, and tasty edible oil. It means ecologically clean products without any solvents and other foreign substances. That is why all our plants are modernized and use the proven technologies only, ensuring us to become the top refined sunflower oil manufacturer.

Being the best edible oil factory in Germany, we strive to combine quality and reasonable prices for our partners.

Who are we?

Before starting cooperating with any companies, it is advised to know their structure.

EXGSP GmBH consists of three sections, each focused on a specific function. These three sections are:

  1. Factory of deodorization and refining  is concentrated on deodorization and oil refining. This plant applies the safest technologies only to provide consumers with the best oil to buy. The factory`s laboratory is monitoring the production process at all stages. The processing capacity is 300 tons. The factory produces refined, deodorized, and winterized oil. Our partners use our oil for further production of snacks, mayonnaise, and sauces.
  2. Factory of bottled oil  is aimed at oil bottling in self-produced plastic bottles. The plant started working in 2000, and the whole plant modernization took place in 2015. Thus, its production capacities comply with the highest modern standards. We produce oil under two trademarks.
  3. The processing factory of oil  produces unrefined sunflower oil. The factory uses a unique compaction method. Our company is working with ecologically clean and natural edible seed grown in  Germany. Cooking oil made in Germany is known to be one of the best in the world thanks to  seeds grown up at generous German land. That is why we use only German  seeds.

Being one of the best edible oil producer, EXGSP GmBH unites such industrial estates: Processing factory of oil , Factory of deodorization and refining, Factory of bottled oil. They are related to a common goal – the production of exemplary coocking oil that complies with all international standards of quality and safety. Each factory is a key link in the chain of sunflower seeds processing. Rich experience of EXGSP GmBH in this area, allows distributing edible oil made in Germany worldwide.

Factory of deodorization

 and refining

Oil bottling


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Logistics of oils around the world from The largest sunflower oil manufacturer in Germany

We offer complex services for the export of oil  from Germany. You can not only buy oil wholesale, but also order a set of logistics services:
• freight of vessels for transportation of oil;
• motor transportation of oil to Europe, Asia;
• container transportation of oil;
• transportation of  oils using flexitanks.

Advantages of the order of complex services for the export of products from EXGSP GMBH:
• Purchase wholesale is cheaper if supplying company is engaged in transportation.
• You will not waste time on settlement of issues related to the cargo delivery. We solve complex issues with customs, transportation and warehousing.
• You will know exactly who is accountable in case of any problems with supplies. No need to figure out at what stage the problems appeared — EXGSP GMBH is responsible for everything.

We guarantee the quality of products and reliability of their delivery to any country in the world!