Refined Corn Oil



The Best Corn Oil Originated from Ukraine

Our Refined corn oil is the widely used oil and used mainly for deep frying. We manufactured corn oil using the best refining process to maintain essential ingredients, which is essential for the human body.

The oil content of the seeds ranges from 20 to 50% depending on the variety. The refined oil is light yellow, bright and almost odourless.

Oil rich in linoleic acid. Widely used in soaps, shampoos, sunscreens and care of babies. Highly oxidative stability. Valued for its emollient properties.

1. Frying and sauteing
2. Use it for cake making and other goods
3. Used for marinades and salad dressing

Packaging in 1L PET, 1.8L PET, 2L PET, 3L PET, 5L PET, 10L PET, Flexi tanks, IBC tanks, Bulk